The great benefit of a change of environment.

Many people associate homes located in a beachfront town with second-home properties and, of course, with the vacation period. However, the fact that these flats have lowered their prices the most in recent months could be a good reason to consider buying or renting a flat in Denia old town to live all year round. As we pointed out, the prices of apartments in many of the coastal towns have fallen by a much greater percentage than those of homes in the big cities. However, this statement cannot be generalized, since there are localities that still maintain a sale price above the average.

Let us also remember that this change of environment from the city to the coast can generate many benefits to our health, Yes! You read well. Living by the sea is one of the most beneficial options for health. At least, this is what emerges from a study carried out by researchers, who say that living near the sea is very healthy, mainly due to the ease of doing physical exercise. The researchers analyzed the medical records, comparing how close they lived to the sea and their answers about their health. The result was that those who lived less than a kilometer from the sea said they had “good health”, to a greater extent than those who lived in the countryside or near cities.

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